It’s pretty bitter sweet… While I was away at the AIA Convention I actually missed the Grand Opening Celebration… (oh well!!)

Needless to say this project really touched a special place in my heart – and my liver since it made me become an alcoholic.

Here is a blog post from my friend, fellow designer and rock during this entire process

- Mr. Blake Krevolin:


Blake Here: So the fences are down, the porta potties have departed, and Sedgley Plaza is now open for business.  Blanketed in a vibrant copper colored standing seam metal panel this new 20,000 square foot center is located at 2815 Ridge Avenue in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Currently Dollar General is the sole performer, and you can quote me, alongside the one Mrs. Tiffany Millner we created the slickest outfitted Dollar General ever, just look at that amazing body of materials and combination of textures…am I wrong?…and please don’t assume the box sign was our idea…Anyway there is 10,000 square feet of space remaining and Sedgley is eager to welcome additional businesses and life to the area.  You know anyone looking to open shop?  Feel free to contact Bryan Perchick or Pat Heron at Legend Properties Commercial Real Estate.  Thanks for your time

Fun fact of the day – the pattern for the standing seam metal was derived from the Mortal Kombat blood code for the Sega Genesis game system: A-B-A-C-A-B-B.