I just LOVE it when a plan comes together…

After months of



coordinating… The OFF THE CLOCK event, I can officially say that it was off the hook. No joke. Not a biased opinion…

Just the truth.

This event has always held a dear place in my heart and it was mu ‘triumphant’ return to PhilaNOMA. Hopefully this event was branded and will become a staple for years to come :)

It had everything.. everyone.. Especially the people I love the most (actually one of them was not in attendance due to illness, but they were with me in spirit)…

I would like to give a special THANKS to Nancy Churchville +

The Mighty OV +

Mike Spain (for being super awesome with the Sketchbook Meetups)

Joshua Black  (for the awesome letters) +

Joel Avery (for the photography) +

Triumph Brewery (for their hospitality) +

PhilaNOMA for welcoming me back.


PhilaNOMA’s OFF THE CLOCK! Art Expo and Networking Event 2012

((See you NEXT year))

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