[quote_left] They say that patience is a virtue… [/quote_left]




For as long as I can remember, I have been scared of my kitchen.

- When it rained – It rained in the kitchen.

- We had (2) roofers look at it + return to my house after every storm…

It still leaked.

Me: WTF?!?!@?!

Deme: Damn.

- We had buckets.

- Towels.

- Moisture.

- Mildew.

- But then the roofer came back and told us that we had a siding problem. Not a roof problem.

Me: WTF?!?!@?!

Deme: Damn.

- More buckets.

- Garbage Cans.

(I seriously cringed when rain was in the forecast.)

- More Towels.

- NO – at this point it was damn near ALL of our towels.

- I swear it felt we were trying to hold back the levee.


To no avail……

Eventually – the damn ceiling fell down.

Me: WTF?!?!@?!

Deme: Damn.


It was a long time coming and prayer is a beautiful thing…

We were able to finally get the kitchen fixed + touch up a few other places that needed a little TLC in the house…

My brother EJ and Deme put the ceiling fan up in the dining room… Apparently it took them all day.

Introducing my NEW Blank Canvas…



(Thank You Trey.Deme.Mommy.Danny for introducing us to Trey + Trey again. You are a savior.)