I am really getting old… I woke up this morning sooooo sore.
Was it lifting the tree trucks we found on the side of the road in the park?
Was it laying on the floor drilling holes?
Was it “playing” in the pouring rain as if I had no sense – or a mother to tell me about myself?
Perhaps the Creativity was served so HOT that I burned myself.

Nahhh… I think that Natural Doctor put a hex on me.

The Soupers at Blackeye Soup vend at The Heal Thyself Garden Party…(for like 2 hours)  :)

The Heal Thyself Garden Party is an annual event that is dedicated to educating and informing the community about the availability and benefits of non-traditional (alternative) health care choices.This year it was held at the newly re-opened Elkins Estate in Elkins Park, PA.

The entire process was such a learning experience that despite the fact that we only were able to show the products for about an hour – it was well worth it. AND even though we had to put all of the cards, shirts, and bags away to protect them from the torrential downpour – the Pimped Tent was still able to serve as our symbol of creativity, spirit and unconventional thinking.
Ahhh – don’t you just LOVE how a plan comes together…
(Recently added to Tiff’s repertoire: t-shirt design, screen printing, vinyl lettering, patience, deconstruction in the pouring rain, enhanced driving skills on an estate with no parking and a host vendors unloading, gratitude – oh and a dis-taste for Nag Champa…yeah – I am over the incense for a while…)

Here are some photos of my journey:
(sometimes when I got to do what I want to do – it’s the same damn thing.)

My Transparency.
Tag Prototype.
In Studio Set-Up.


Display :)
Screen printing.
Yes – our neighbors were selling MJ T-shirts.
Event Display.
power. ambition. creativity.  (Tote bags)
power. ambition. creativity (T-Shirts)
Inspired by the Soup Factory.
A few last words…
Sheila – I didn’t see a goat. (& Thanks for the chicken.)
Josh – We should have just left. (& Thanks for throwing me in the fire with those bags.)
Jordyn – Your nails were beautiful.

Deme – Thanks for your perseverance.

Natural Doctor Dude that told me my colon has emotional issues – Um, yeah – t h a n k s..