(the above is the bare minimum… I just had to marry a drummer, right?)

Dear God,

I know they say that you work in mysterious ways, and I can truly say I was witness to that yesterday… As you know, we were driving to Aston, PA because Deme had a show with his cover band For Who For What at CR Shenanigans

So we loaded Zoe (our name for our Chrysler Sebring) up with your drumset and other miscellaneous items (please see photo). Of course, I sat in the back seat – since the bass drum can only fit in the front seat. Yes. This 2 door sports car was packed to the MAX.

As we were driving on 276 West we both heard a distinct metallic sound coming from under neath the car… Deme mentioned that he knew that one of the wheel covers on the rim were loose and it may have fallen off.

[quote_right] If only we could be so lucky. [/quote_right]




So we are driving the entire way and the car starts t0 hesitate and not shift gears.


[quote_left] Wha? [/quote_left]


As you have blessed me with a cool and always calm and collected man – Demetrius realized that the transmission on the car was apparently failing and turned into the first parking lot once we reached civilization… It happened to be a Wendy’s parking lot.

We pulled into a parking spot.

Put it park.

[quote_right] …then the car started to smoke. [/quote_right]




You gave us the following gifts through out this entire ordeal:
  • The fortune of being stuck at a Wendy’s that was only 1 block from the bar he was playing at.
  • The ability for Tommy to pick us up and load EVERYTHING into his truck + the two of us.
  • The fortune of finding a wall charger in the back seat of the car because BOTH of our cell phones were about to die.
  • The strength to give my brother EJ for trekking out there so late at night to keep me company while Deme was performing. Even though he left before the bar fight broke out.


  •  The ability for Andy to load his pick up truck with ALL of Deme’s drum equipment and drop it off at the car back at Wendy’s.
  • The ability for Pat to drop Deme and I off at our car at Wendy’s since we couldn’t fit in Andy’s truck.
  • The fortune of having a flashlight. AAA. A running motor + heat. 2 blankest in the backseat. and each other.
  • The honest communication between AAA, the tow truck driver and myself. We needed to find gas (diesel to be specific) in the worst way and we all trusted in you to find us a gas station. And you did :)
  • The LONG conversations with Frank the tow truck driver were incredible… please look out for him, okay?

In the end – Everything worked out for the best.

+ Shakespeare got paid, son.

So – I just wanted to say, thanks :)