One of her inspirations happens to be a song I wrote and I’m forever grateful & humbled that she chose to include it…



“Tiffany Millner is an important member of PhilaNOMA and of the design community of Philadelphia.  Anyone who knows her knows she has a special talent with words, with design, and with people.  PhilaNOMA would like to congratulate Tiffany on writing this personal book about her UNIQUE experiences as an architect.  We know her voice will inspire ALL, but especially women (young and grown up) to reach for THEIR star and never look back. “

-Marguerite Anglin, PhilaNOMA president



‘I felt your pain when you entered the sad world that can be the architecture firm, got a chill when you passed the last test and laughed out loud about your lesson learned when designing the festival booth. A co-worker has already asked to borrow the book. I hope it is well received by all. But I can assure you that it will speak to every female architect (minority or otherwise) that reads it. I am signing up for that drawing class so I can stop saying, I used to draw. Thank you! This book just may be the little push I needed.’

- Anzie


I loved your book, it was a very easy read.


‘What made it most enjoyable was that it was about you.’

- Gerry


I am inspired.

‘I finished your book. I feel sooooo good inside. I called my daughter and told her she MUST read it.
The struggle, the fears, the determination, the doubts…all contained within a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 margin. AWESOME!’

- Nancy


So after I read your book, I went on the ARE website.

‘…Perhaps I will jump back on that horse…just for myself to finish something I started. You may have just changed my life. You should be impressed with yourself that your book made a difference today. Granted I have to dig out my NCARB #, etc. – BUT I haven’t felt inspired to do that for a while. So I really thank you.’

- Gina


I really enjoyed it!

‘It had a little bit of everything in it – inspiration, humor, romance…It was very easy and interesting to read. Your love story is so cute!’

- Kim



‘…If I didn’t know you prior to buying this book, I’d still be interested in knowing where your journey has led you.  I’m actually very inspired :o)  I’ve been having doubts about finishing school and being complacent where I am, because it’s familiar and comfortable.  It’s scary to step out of a comfort zone when you’ve been there soooo long ( will be 10 years at my current job).  I told myself that if I go back to school and get my degree, more doors will open up for me and I’ll be able to move forward from here.  I’ve come to a fork in the road and your inspiring story is pushing me to make the right choice for myself.’

- Steffany


‘As someone just beginning her career, I first wanted to thank you for writing the book 200 something because it really captured a lot of the journey, confusion and passionate resolution I’ve experienced during my time pursuing architecture.’

- Kate



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