[quote_left] shhhhhhh… [/quote_left]

I almost did it to myself – again.

I am continually doubting myself – again.

Perhaps I need to quiet this ‘Lizard Brain’ of mine….



[quote_left] 1% INSPIRATION 99% PERSPIRATION. [/quote_left]

This is a little video from my new favorite website the 99%… (Thanks Josh.)

It expresses how we are ALL creative and we ALL have ideas, dreams and goals – BUT as you begin to work through the kinks and DOUBT yourself… you are just sabotaging your projects or dreams before you even gave it a chance to come to fruition.

Now PLEASE keep in mind that – YES – the ‘Lizard Brain’  plays a large role in this, but so does your immediate environment. It is so important to surround yourself with like minded people in order to fertilize these thoughts so they would even have a chance to germinate and blossom…

So the next time you tell someone that you are going to be a rock star… a best selling author… an Indian Chief…or whatever  – and they shower you with doubt and an endless list of difficulties or challenges that lie ahead of you…. Here’s what you do:

- Simply Smile.

- Thank them for their concern.

+ Walk the Hell away.